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About OneKey

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The next generation OneKey is the result of the integration of three premiere reference data brands: IMS Health, SK&A, and Healthcare Data Solutions. OneKey delivers insight into more than 10.8 million professionals and 700,000 organizations in the U.S., and the affiliations linking them together.

OneKey helps organizations extend their coverage of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations; connect to a single reference data standard; and understand customer access, value, and potential.

OneKey is continuously updated and enhanced through a blend of primary research, customer change requests, trusted government and industry sources, and IQVIA transactional data. Globally, 700 experienced researchers with country-specific knowledge contribute to data integrity. More than 1.5 million updates are made each month. With these real-time inputs and harmonized data, OneKey seamlessly delivers the trusted information that life sciences companies need to power their downstream commercial applications.

OneKey enables our customers to know who is driving
treatment paths and decisions with current information on official structures, positions and roles; to see connections and understand how professionals and organizations are affiliated with one another. OneKey’s APIs are accessible anytime, anywhere and help optimize integration with other platforms. More than 250+ attributes and harmonized views of HCPs and HCOs allow marketers to be precise with their messaging. In the changing healthcare regulation environment, OneKey helps customers stay compliant with regulations pertaining to data privacy and the changing formats of local healthcare delivery environments.

Industry leaders use OneKey data to reach high-potential targets across the healthcare supply chain and increase leads, sales productivity and revenue through highly targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Life Sciences Compliance

Constantly changing regulations and increased transparency means real-time access to healthcare provider contact and credentialing information is critical for life sciences businesses. OneKey provides real-time access to essential data elements for Open Payments and aggregate spend reporting, as well as state license verification for sampling eligibility, integrated with Concur or other customer systems.

Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacies need streamlined, accurate, flexible solutions to manage multiple pressures in the retail landscape, including increases in patients served, the rising elderly population, and changing regulations aimed at improving patient care. OneKey’s integrated pharmacy solutions fit the needs and budgets of large and small pharmacies and are supported by dedicated pharmacy-specific client service, technical and product development teams.

About IQVIA™

IQVIA (NYSE:IQV) is a leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions and contract research services focused on using data and science to help healthcare clients find better solutions for their patients. Formed through the merger of IMS Health and Quintiles, IQVIA offers a broad range of solutions that harness advances in healthcare information, technology, analytics and human ingenuity to drive healthcare forward. IQVIA enables companies to rethink approaches to clinical development and commercialization, innovate with confidence as well as accelerate meaningful healthcare outcomes. IQVIA has approximately 55,000 employees in more than 100 countries, all committed to making the potential of human data science a reality. IQVIA’s approach to human data science is powered by the IQVIA CORE™, driving unique actionable insights at the intersection of big data, advanced technology and analytics with extensive industry knowledge.

IQVIA is a global leader in protecting individual patient privacy. The company uses a wide variety of privacy-enhancing technologies and safeguards to protect individual privacy while generating and analyzing the information that helps their customers drive human health outcomes forward. IQVIA’s insights and execution capabilities help biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, government agencies, payers and other healthcare stakeholders tap into a deeper understanding of diseases, human behaviors and scientific advances, in an effort to advance their path toward cures. To learn more, visit www.IQVIA.com.