"You’ll be happy to know we have been making use of the data you provided, and are in the process of converting several high-volume providers identified through this process. When converted these accounts will pay for the IQVIA data more than several times over on an annual basis."

—Steven Purta, Minerva Surgical

"PatientPoint has selected SK&A (now IQVIA) as its official arbiter for physicians practicing in a given location. PatientPoint also has a direct line of communication with SK&A to reconcile practice and provider data that doesn’t align. This ensures the most accurate and current data is sent to our clients at all times."

—Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer, PatientPoint

"When it comes to lists, I trust IQVIA above all others. Thank you for such great quality."

—Scott Ellison, Principal, Young & Ellison LLC

"Gabriella was wonderful during the purchasing process. Great customer service, and very knowledgeable about what we were looking for!"

—A. Stanish, Business Strategy Consultant, DK Pierce

"Gabriella was very helpful, responsive and professional!"

—Cindy Fries O'Connor, Principal, The O'Connor Group LLC