Cancer Specialist List

Reach over 26,000 oncologists through IQVIA’s cancer specialist list. In 2016, there were more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and 1.7 million new diagnoses were made. IQVIA’s OneKey database contains contact information for oncologists treating this large population of patients.

Leverage IQVIA’s database of oncologists to improve sales and marketing success for your: mailing lists, email campaigns, insurance, continuing medical education (CME), recruitment services, webinar invitations, influencer programs, patient compliance programs, software and technology, medical equipment and supplies, office needs, and publications.

Why market to oncologists?

Cancer is the second–most common disease in the United States, under heart disease, and it takes the lives of approximately 562,340 Americans each year – more than 1,500 people per day. There are many types of cancers, but the most common ones are lung/bronchial, prostate and colon. Cancer specialists treat the disease, depending on the type and stage of severity, with techniques that range from surgery to radiation to chemotherapy. Cancer develops when the body’s cells replicate too quickly without dying fast enough. Causes for cancers vary, but they typically arise from factors like:

  • Benzene and other chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Tobacco
  • Viruses
  • Poisonous mushrooms and a type of poison that can grow on peanut plants (aflatoxins)
  • Sunlight

IQVIA’s cancer specialist list helps you find oncologists treating these patients.

The OneKey Solution

Extend your coverage of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations through OneKey – a best-of-breed healthcare professional, institution and affiliation reference data solution from IQVIA.

With more than 9.6 million healthcare professionals, 2.4 million email addresses, and 709,000 healthcare organizations, OneKey connects your organization to a single reference data standard and helps you understand customer access, value and potential.

Verified Data

Because up-to-date, verified data is essential, IQVIA continuously updates and enhances the OneKey database through a blend of primary research, transactional data, customer change requests, and trusted government and industry sources.

About IQVIA and OneKey

The OneKey reference database from IQVIA is a direct result of integration from three premiere brands: IMS Health, SK&A, and Healthcare Data Solutions.

Looking to reach more healthcare providers? IQVIA’s OneKey database includes over 242 physician specialties to choose from. You may also be interested in our doctor emails, physician data, NPI numbers, integrated health systems data, medical office managers mailing list, physician prescribing data, and more from IQVIA.